Electro Freeze Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine 30T-CMT - $5,500 - Venice Beach, California

by Tony Smith
(Venice Beach, CA USA)

MODEL: 30T-CMT-232

MODEL: 30T-CMT-232

9/13/2011 - Used Electro Freeze Soft Machine 220V 3 Phase water cooled (Model: 30T-CMT). Pressurized High Capacity Twist Soft Serve Freezer w/Mix Transfer System.

An industry original, the 30T-CMT is the most imitated (but never duplicated) freezer on the market. High on capacity, this 3-flavor twist machince has a refrigerated mix cabinet and incorporates the patented Mix Transfer System. 30T-CMT is excellent for dispensing any soft serve mix, including high butterfat products.

Price: $5,500

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